Q. What are LineBagz® used for?

LineBagz® protects and prevents damage to shore power cords, outriggers, bottom paint and all surfaces when vessels are serviced, hauled, painted or shipped.

Q. How do LineBagz® work?

LineBagz® come packaged in boxed rolls which can be easily applied with the needed amount to cover anything from a shore power cord to a travel lift strap. Each linear foot is clearly marked for easy measurement. Upon installing LineBagz® onto the desired piece of equipment, cut to length with a scissor or knife. Attach lineBagz® with tape or cable tie straps.

Q. What are the benefits of using LineBagz®?

  • Reduction in labor and related costs for preparation of work.
  • Increased production of a marina/ship yard’s daily workflow.
  • Reduced customer complaints due to surface damage, scuffing and marring.
  • Increased efficiency of hauling vessels in and out of water.
  • Protects any vessels surface from being damaged while being serviced or painted.

Q. Why is LineBagz® needed by many of the service industries?

The boating industry is a very service orientated and labor intensive industry. LineBagz® encapsulate and protect shore power cords, fueling lines, boat lines, travel lift straps, forklifts, masts, fenders, outriggers and radars from damage during storage, maintenance and daily operation.

Q. What sizes are LineBagz® available in?

All LineBagz® are manufactured at 6mil thickness unless otherwise specified.
  • LBZ 3″ (500 ft. per roll)
  • LBZ 6″ (500 ft. per roll)
  • LBZ 9″ (500 ft. per roll)
  • Increased efficiency of hauling vessels in and out of water.
  • LBZ 19″ (300 ft per roll)
  • Custom sizes of up to 54″ (lay-flat) available.