How can Boat Advertising helps in promotion of your brand?

Boat Advertising

It’s a fact that audience remember the best advertisements for decades. What are you doing to bring your brand to that level? Have you considered using boat advertising? If you’re not aware, boat advertising is an innovative way to bring your brand logo and other important information, closer to your potential customers. Boats are wrapped using UV protective material that stays intact for years. When people see your advertisement days after days, they are certain to retain the brand and other important information displayed on the boats.

The UV protective material will also protect the boat from damage and will also retain the brand details for long. You can choose to give a variety of information on the boat advertisement. You can include the brand name, logo as well as your contact information. It’s 21st century and while your customers are ditching the old ways of seeking information, it’s time for you to adapt new ways of advertising as well. Our boat advertising services ensure that you have all the assistance in designing and displaying the ads on boats. We are currently serving numerous clients who have benefitted from our services. You could be one of them too.

Linebagz allows boat advertising to be seen every foot of the way when covering air conditioning duct supply lines to vessels being serviced in and out of the water.
Imagine your company logo and business contact information including:

  • Phone number
  • QR Codes for direct email link
  • QR codes for website link
  • plus anything you want your customer to learn about the products and services provided by your company.


Linebagz is made in a wide selection of colors and up to 4 color logos/copy in size as wide as 54 inched lay flat to cover outriggers, fenders, kayaks, large fish, etc.

Contact us to offer more details about your boat so that we can offer the best quote available. We are now available for corporate advertising and boat advertising services that too at affordable prices that you won’t mind paying. You can call (954) 343-8810 or send email at


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