Boat Shipping

Are you having sleepless nights thinking about your boat being shipped from a boatyard and the possible damage that can occur? Worry no more as Linebagz can have your boat secured through a UV protective tubing. Having your boat shipped will no longer be a hassle when you have Linebagz to your rescue. UV protective tubing from Linebagz offers damage protection for your boat – which just means more peace of mind and enhanced benefits to you.

Nylon straps have been seen to cause great damage when the boats are shipped from a marina to its final destination. With Linebagz UV protective tubing, your worries take a backseat as your boat is protected from all sorts of damage from the nylon straps marring the gelcoat. What else? The tubing is reusable. Yes, you read this right. Linebagz UV protective tubing can be used more than once without you needing to replace it between each vessel.

Linebagz tubing is strong and makes for a great investment. Though there are rare chances of the tubing getting ripped, in the instance where it does rip apart, you can get it repaired quickly. Repairing Linebagz UV protective tubing is easy and can be done effectively using a shrink wrap tape which is easily available. Contact us for a complimentary phone conference, video chat or to email any questions or to share comments. If you wish to try our services and find out how Linebagz protective tubing can enhance the life of your clients boats.

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