Boat Hauling

Preparing yourself and your boat for transport? LineBagz UV protective tubing can help protect damages before they occur. Many boat owners fail to understand that it is equally important to protect the boat while hauling, as it is to select the right transport company. Preparing your boat for hauling requires utmost attention and planning and like you need to decide on the logistics, you also need to decide how you are going to protect the boat from potential damage. The answer is here – LineBagz UV protective tubing protects the boat’s appearance from being ruined.

Whether your boat is being hauled or splashed, using proper tubing can protect it not just from the damage from the lift straps but also from marine growth. Marine Growth, has also been one of the reasons why boats get damaged. If your boat is being protected using LineBagz UV tubing then marine growth can do no harm to the vessel as Linebagz does not allow marine growth to stay attached to the travel lift straps.

LineBagz tubing is reusable and you will not need to invest time replacing it after each haul out and splash. You can use the tubing multiple times for your vessels without having to change it between haul outs. Our tubing is sturdy and offers damage protection but in rare cases, the tubing may get ripped. What do you do when the tubing gets ripped? Simply use shrink wrap tape to repair it and bring its original strength back. You can now book a complimentary phone conference, video chat or on site visit with us to find out how LineBagz UV protective tubing is different and how your business can benefit from implementing Linebagz as a policy for all vessels being hauled and splashed for your marine facility.

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