Boat Hauling – Secrets to Save Money

Planning a cruise holiday with your family but wondering how to ship your boat to the location so you can cruise off? A lot of us have been in the situation where we want the best boat hauling services but are often put off by the price quoted by hauling companies. Did you know that it’s possible to save money on these services? And there are many not one ways to do this? If you were not aware of these till date, take a look at some of the secrets to save money on boat hauling.

1. Have the hauling company save you some big bucks by estimating the total cost on crew, dockage and fuel. This will be calculated at both displacement speeds and cruising. Ensure that you remember to remind your hauling partner of it.

2. Another way to lower down fuel cost can be to tie up with the truckers. By doing this, you can save money by asking them to move your boat only after dropping off another one. You know what this means? This simply means that you end up paying the fuel cost for one way.

3. Ever thought that advance bookings can help save money? In boat hauling, it works this way. Make your bookings for boat transport in advance – at least three or more months to be precise and save up to 15%. A risk that comes with this is that while you’ve made the bookings, you might still have to bear the cost if your plan or schedule changes. If you’re ready to take this risk or if you’re sure that your plan is final, this step can definitely save you a good amount of money.

4. When boats are shipped, there are usually gaps on the deck that the hauling companies fill with small boats. If you own a small boat, voila! Just grab this opportunity to bag some last minute deals. Believe it or not – some of these deals are actually yummy!

5. Avoid unnecessary charges by confirming about the bearer of the charges for mechanical and weather delays. Some companies make big bucks by hiding these policies from the boat owners.

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